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Please contact us for more info and quotes

IVAC Group Vacuum Furnace Control System Overview

 IVAC Group Vacuum Furnace Control System is built using an Eurotherm/Indusoft hardware/software architecture.

The main Hardware/Software components are:

HMI – INDUSOFT SCADA system is installed on a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit virtual PC:

  • Act as an Interface between operator and control system;
  • easy to use touch screen interface for local and remote operation
  • Monitor real time furnace status;
  • Record and display of all process variables and alarms;
  • Permit manual control of the furnace;
  • Client-server functionality offers remote monitoring and control the process.
  • Multiuser level password protected login access;
  • Recipe management;
  • Permit remote access over Internet connection.

PLC – Eurotherm E+PLC400 that will control the furnace functionality:

E+PLC400/HC900 are modular PLCs designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of thermal and other advanced manufacturing industries.

Includes advanced function block libraries for:

  • Heat treatment applications
  • Batch data management
  • Setpoint programming
  • Vacuum control
  • Control and data recording
  • ‘OEM security’ and customization

Unique PID control functions are built in, enabling faster commissioning and tighter control of the overall process, as well as easing conformance to regulatory and end-customer requirements, including:

  • PID to help maintain tight control at specific setpoints
  • Intelligent auto-tune for optimal control and commissioning
  • Specialized cutback function for overshoot control

Provides multi-setpoint control via a setpoint program and sequencing of the vacuum pumping system, with temperature cycles. Plus, it provides leak-rate detection and pumping-time systems to aid the optimization of cycle-times. This IIoT ready system also allows enhancement with predictive maintenance functionality.

Data management to helps manufacturers meet strict regulatory process data requirements

Ethernet communication.

EFit SCR Power Controller

Power ControllerThe EFIT Power Controller permit Automatic Heat Trimming Control for better Temperature Uniformity results.

This unit replaces the traditional manual trimming rheostat.